FTVMilfs: Her Amazing Backdoor – Harper Maddoxx

She’s a lovely, fun-sized, hypersexual queen of anal stretching…welcome FTV exclusive Harper as she introduces herself in a cute little white dress that barely goes down past her shapely butt! She has a bottle of veterinary-grade lube and describes what she likes to do with it, namely putting large toys in her butt – and of course we’re in for some major league demonstrations of that today. She puts plenty of lube on her hand and starts things off with some anal fisting, right off the bat! She attempts to insert a very large ‘donut’ but it’s a tight squeeze so she enlists the FTV photographer’s help, and with a little ass-istance they manage to get the toy inside…providing some amazing anal gaping views! Next up is some messy milk play as she squirts it out of a turkey baster all over herself, then squirts it inside her vagina as well as inside her ass. There’s enough inside to burble out when she flexes her muscles in a truly unique anal dairy kink display that has to be seen to be believed! Next we see her outdoors in a cute yellow dress, ready to do some insertion play…and she puts an entire orange-sided ball inside! Next up is the huge thick bat after removing the ball, and she manages to somehow slide that inside her ass as well. Heading inside we see some more anal fisting, and then a large red cone shaped toy goes inside…and she also gets the vintage Vibraking toy into the mix, buzzing her clitoris with the huge anal penetration for a nice strong orgasm to finish off the day of shooting. And there’s more of Harper to come, right here on FTV MILFs!